Telavivian stand for the annual Fresh Paint art fair.

The brief given by Telavivian magazine was to design and bring to production, in less than three weeks time, a stand for maps / magazines, that is foldable and reusable for further fairs and events. It was requested for the stand to be visually iconic and in continuity with the Telavivian logo and color scheme.  
Fresh Paint fair has given specific requirements for the stand’s measurements, and the budget was (nearly) impossible.
Since the stand had to be portable, but also firm and steady for safety reasons; It was decided to divide it to several elements: A folding screen-like unit, a set of shelves that when placed in between the folding screen, locks the structure in one steady position, and two geometrical shaped boxes, for storing the extra maps/magazines, and while doing so, they stabilize the whole unit. 
The stand’s elements are made of plywood coated in Formica in four bold colours: red, white, sky blue and light pink. The form of the screen echos the Telavivian logo, while the colours were chosen in correlation with the maps designed by Studio Koniak.

Materials: Formica coated plywood.
Year: 2018
Mesurements: 2m x 2m x 2m