THIS IS IT is that feeling we get when we see a color combination that makes us appreciate color in a new manner. It is that excitement we feel when we work on a design and somewhere along the process, the design seems to lead the way and reveal to us the solutions we were looking for. It is that certain awe when beauty is present, when curiosity unravels layers of textures, light and materials.  THIS IS IT is our pursuit of creating good, fresh and pleasant spaces. 


Noa Kedar. Architect and Designer. Holds a B.Arch degree from the school of architecture, faculty of the arts, Tel aviv University. 

I have great fascination in spaces, and how they make people feel, how they make ME feel. 
While the design process is usually long, complex and challenging; eventually, spaces have to express some clarity and to translate ideas and qualities without much effort felt. I love that contradiction, and feel great pleasure when seeing a much detailed scene turn into one whole and clear spatial experience. 

After graduating in 2012 as an Architect, Noa continued to work at Bar Orian, where she had worked for two years during her academics.  From there she continued to acquire her experience as an architect in a few different architecture firms, and took part in some interesting collaborations with designers of various fields, derived from her desire to incorporate scales, technics and methods of design and creativity. A successful collaboration with fellow architect and friend, Tal Nisim, has led the two to co-found THIS IS IT, a studio specializing in Architecture and Interior Design, based in Tel Aviv.

Tal Nisim. Architect and Designer. Holds a B.Arch degree from the school of architecture, faculty of the arts, Tel aviv University. 

I believe in Design that crosses boundaries between Art, Fashion and Architecture; One that interprets desire and creates visions of texture, color and volumes that merge into unexpected atmospheres. 

Before completing her academics in 2015, Tal has already designed some apartments and offices and acquired experience as an independent Architect. She then worked at MY Architects, with an emphasis on high-end houses and apartments, expressing a strong interest in materials, shapes, and colors. During her time there, she started collaborating on small to medium scale projects with Noa, until eventually, the two decided to start their own practice, designing articulate commercial spaces, apartments, houses and various objects. 

This is IT - Tal & Noa