A young family’s apartment in Jaffa.  

In the reawaken area of north Jaffa, halfway between the flea market and the beach, a young family wished to make their home.
After a long quest, their searches came to an end, when they purchased a 100m² space with concrete floors and beautiful light entering from north, south and west.
The previous layout of the place was rather close to what they had wished for; Two bedrooms, and a noticeably broad area consisting of the living room and kitchen. What they lacked was a guest bathroom and a vast storage space for their various collections and items.
The axis between the private rooms and the more communal space, was the main focus in the design process; A bilateral bespoke unit made of birch wood and coloured steel, acts both as a division between the spaces, as well as a wide storage solution.
The bedrooms along with the added bathroom, are all concealed behind the elongated facade of the unit, creating a clean and continuous look.
The opposite side of this joinery and steel element, consists of a spacious wardrobe for the master bedroom.
The two large columns in the main area, were exposed, to obtain an honest and coherent feel of materiality. The kitchen was partly left as it was, with some minor intervention and adjustments to the new tenants’ needs and personal style.
The wooden floors in the bedrooms were also kept during the renovation.
In both bathrooms, as well as the kitchen, ceramic square tiles in white and pale pink, add a timeless yet contemporary touch that echoes the colour scheme of the apartment. The clean and distinct design of the apartment aims to complement the eclectic atmosphere of this Mediterranean home.

Materials: Concrete, birch wood, coloured steel.
Year: 2018
Size: 100 sqm

Matan Katz