C  Studio Apartment, Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

An apartment on the ground floor of a terraced house, was transformed from a small and gloomy dwelling, to a bright and spacious studio apartment.
A greenhouse-like facade was created, connecting the verdant outdoors with the kitchen and living area. 
Two concrete columns were exposed, to contradict and complement the bright and clean appearance of the common space. 
The kitchen consists of birch plywood and Mint green formica, along with veined white quartz surfaces.
Raw steel details, add a cruder feel to the soft hues and lines.
Rustic oak hardwood flooring, create a warm and homey touch, however, contemporary and neat.
The steel frame windows are echoed by steel frame doors; Firstly leading to the bedroom, and then, leading to the main bathroom. The transition from the common areas to the more private parts of the apartment, is reflected in the opacity of the glass. 
In the bedroom, storage space is concealed behind white joinery cabinets. Allowing a roomy yet snug atmosphere.
The main bathroom in Emerald green subway tiles, and black & white checkers-like flooring give a fresh yet classic backdrop for plants, and cosmetics.
Materials: Oak wood, Concrete Steel, Glass, Plywood birch and formica.
Year: 2017
Size: 65 sqm

Matan Katz