Masters of their craft

Architects who design not only spaces, but furniture and small objects too, are not a new concept; Mies van der Rohe, Alvar Aalto along Aino Aalto, Carlo Scarpa and many others, have accomplished this delicate transition in scale, while leaving their unique imprint, in their different designs.
It seems to us, it is such a natural transition to do, scaling up and down, from details to objects to spaces, and all the way back down to the micro design. Some sort of a synecdoche in design, not an easy task, however, and not obvious to succeed in, as well.

When the process and its results are coherent and successful, the attributes of the design seem indeed a natural evolvement of a fluent language, an expansion of one's perception. 
From midcentury modernist, Gio Ponti, through multidisciplinary, StudioPepe, alongside masters of color and art deco inspired design, Dimore studio and concluding with the french wonder that is Joseph Dirand; Some beautiful examples to draw inspiration from:

Credits: Gio Ponti, StudioPepe, Dimore studio, Joseph Dirand.